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This is the website for the village communities of Great Haseley and Little Haseley. The villages are about 7 miles south east of Oxford and about 50 miles from London

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Aunt Sally

Learn about the historic Oxfordshire game of Aunt Sally - item by Chantelle Dollimore and Phil Lynn

Recipe of the Month: Chilli Peanut Beef

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Jen Webster

Jen Webster

Bowen Therapy


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  Quality   English   Tutoring –

  Emma Coode

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Opening of the Church

I am pleased to say that we will be opening the Church once a week on Sundays. We do not have the resources to clean at the end of every day after it has been opened, however as after 72 hours there will be no risk of picking up any nasty virus it was felt best to restrict access to once a week. For the time being the Church will be open on Sunday from 9am to 5pm. The exception will be if we have to adapt around any funeral that might take place. If you visit, we have provided hand sanitiser (which we hope will be left in the Church!). Please be mindful of others and keep a sensible distance while you enjoy the peace and space and hopefully the comfort that being in the Church will bring. Although this is a small step, we believe that it is important that we do this especially for any in the Village who might like to seek out the Church as a place of peace, sanctuary and prayer. Simon Cronk, Rector, on behalf of the PCC.

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