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From Geoff Gray:

I have just recently found out that my 5th great grandfather John Cooper and his family were from Great Haseley and from my research I notice a headstone photograph listed as in Great Haseley Church ground.  Can any of your members/newsreaders confirm if this is the correct church and if any burial records are available of this headstone and the family interred therein, or indeed the register offices for the area?

My interpretation of the inscription on the headstone is - Erected in the memory of John Cooper snr who departed this life on 05 Dec 1731 aged 80 years. Also of his wife Anne who died in the year mdccxxviii (1728 by my reckoning) there is further detail which I am unable to decipher from the photograph.

I would be very interested to know if any of your parish members are related to this family in anyway. His wife would have been Ann Varney from my research. My own parents both died when I was very young and I know very little about this side of my family. Contact webmaster@thehaseleys.co.uk to help Geoff.

From Clive Baxendale:

I am trying to find an ancestor - William Wharton married at Great Haseley in 1836, his wife was called Ann but that's all I know, a lot of my ancestors where born in Great Haseley the last being my grandfather Gilbert James Wharton ....any info would be of a great help to me solving who Ann was  - thank youIf you have any information for Clive, please contact the editor to get in touch. webmaster@thehaseleys.co.uk

From Ann Marion Hughes:

I live in Queensland Australia and I am currently working on my family tree. My Grandfather, Charles Wilsdon Pratt, was born in Little Haseley, Oxfordshire, England. The approximate year of his birth is 1865. He emigrated to Australia and was married in Kalgoorlie/Boulder, Western Australia in 1902 to my Grandmother, Marion Brealey. They had 4 children (3 girls and 1 boy). One of the girls is my Mother, Rita Linda Pratt. I have searched the Census records and found that there is a possibility that Charles W Pratt’s Mother was Elizabeth Mall. They had a farm of some 700acres and some of the other names on the Census are Frank H Pratt, Eliza F Pratt, Mabel J Pratt, Bertram J S Pratt, Charles Wilsdon Pratt, and Albert E Pratt. Other older children showing on the same Census document are Meta M Mall and Ernest T Mall. I can’t find any marriage dates for their mother Elizabeth Mall, and I am unable to locate any records for the Husband (or maybe Husbands) as there seems to be a second family structure.

I would appreciate it if you would put me in touch with someone in the Little Haseley area who would be willing to assist me in tracing my Oxfordshire ascestors. I would be willing to pay any costs for searching purposes. If you would like to help Ann Marion or have any information to pass on, please contact the editor to be put in touch.